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HeinekenBarra Brava FC is pleased to announce that a sponsorship extension has been reached with "Modelo USA" which has become the official jersey sponsor of BBFC for 2013 and beyond. As part of the agreement, Modelo has funded the purchase of brand new, full Adidas uniforms for the club's three teams.  Modelo Especial is a high quality beer that makes a statement of substance over style because of its distinctive look, authenticity, and well-balanced flavor.  Modelo Especial will be the official beer for all Barra Brava tailgates and parties.  We are sincerely grateful for the support Modelo has provided to our club and are looking forward to helping expand the brand among the Barra and BBFC community. Drink Modelo, amigos!

 club sponsor. For the past three years, Scappy has provided the club with high-quality, custom training jerseys and shirts and will continue to be the club's go-to vendor for all our wearable merchandise for the next three years.  Scrappy Apparel is committed to local soccer and and is dedicated to helping grow the sport and the Barra Brava FC brand in the Washington DC area.  If you or your organization is looking for a reputable source of your own custom apparel, please contact BBFC and we will be happy to refer you.

Supporters' Charity Shield


BBFC Select

Due to the tremendous success of BBFC Premier and the growing demand from local players to be a part of a successful and competitive amateur club, BBFC Select was founded in 2009 to accommodate interest from numerous players wishing to sign with our club. Like Premier, BBFC Select is a highly competitive team that expects to win on the field. Playing in the Washington International Soccer League, Select are carrying on the legacy of BBFC as we seek to, once again, become the best team in WISL.


Select’s mission is solidify our place in the upper level of Washington DC amateur soccer by competing for local league championships each season. Select is a team for college-level and equivalent players who love to compete and expect results on the field while being a part of a truly unique and enjoyable amateur club.  


For more information about obtaining a trial or about partnering with Barra Brava FC, please contact BBFC General Manager, Will Clearman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

BB FC Legends


Perhaps more than any other team at our club, the Legends embody the spirit of Barra Brava FC and La Barra Brava. The Legends roster is made up of former Premier and Select players who are interested in playing competitive soccer while continuing to contribute on and off the field to the club that they had a hand in building. Numerous Barra Brava FC “Originals” from our inaugural 2008 team continue to suit up each week for the Legends as we take the field in the Northern VA Soccer League’s Masters O-30 Division.  


As much a brotherhood as a soccer team, the Legends have played a large role in growing the club to where it is today. These guys have a vested interest in seeing our younger teams and players succeed on a regional and even national level and can often be spotted at the pub after games dissecting the day’s victory and plotting out the future of Barra Brava FC. The Legends are the backbone of this club and, through their leadership and experience, have a direct impact on the direction of the club.

BBFC Premier

Barra Brava FC Premier are our club’s flagship team.  Founded in 2008, BBFC Premier quickly have risen through the ranks of D.C. amateur soccer by winning multiple championship in multiple leagues en route to becoming one of the best non-professional teams in the region.  The BBFC Premier roster has boasted a plethora of amazing players with resumes stacked with accolades including experience from the professional Bolivian 1st Division, Spanish 3rd Division, German 4th Division, Peruvian 2nd Division, USL, PDL, NPSL, and MLS Academies.  In addition, our club has been home to numerous NCAA All-Conference award winners, NCAA 1st Division Conference Champions and even an NCAA All-American and an NCAA 1st Division National Champion.

BBFC Premier are a ultra-competitive team reserved for high-level players with professional, PDL, NPSL, and high level college soccer experience.  We have structured and professionally run training weekly and expect a very strong commitment from all players to games and practices.  This is not a team for the “weekend warrior” or the casual player.  We currently play in the Washington Premier League and compete in the annual USASA Amateur National Cup along with frequent friendlies against local college programs, the PDL’s Northern VA Royals, and the NPSL’s Federal City FC/DC United U-23

BBFC Premier Trophy Case: 

- 2011 Spring WISL 1st Division Champions
- 2010 Nicole Indoor Classic Champions
- 2010 Supporters’ Charity Shield Winners
- 2010 Spring Emerald Division Champions
- 2009 Supporters’ Charity Shield Winners
- 2008 Fall WISL Emerald Division Champions

Other Notable BBFC Premier Accomplishments:


- 2013 VA/DC US Amateur State Cup Finalists
- 2010 Fall Terrill Cup Finalist
- 2010 Fall WISL 1st Division Runners-up
- 2010 Spring Terrill Cup Finalists  

For more information about obtaining a trial or about partnering with Barra Brava FC, please contact BBFC General Manager, Will Clearman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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