Season Tickets

We have implemented a new system for ordering season tickets this year to make sure you get the benefits of being a member of Barra Brava and the full benefit of being a D.C. United Season Ticket Holder

Season Tickets + Barra Brava Membership is $402.00 (which includes the $15 processing fee charged by DC United)

Package Includes ($402 per package):

•      2016 D.C. United Full Season Ticket Membership

       - 18 matches

         - Membership Events

         - All D.C. United Season Ticket Membership Benefits

•      Barra Brava Membership

•    $15 Standard Processing Fee Charged By D.C. United 

With the new stadium opening in a couple of years now is the time to lock down your seat and order season tickets.



Q.  Why order season tickets

A.  There are several reasons why you should order season tickets.

      1.  Sections 135, 136 and 137 are almost sold out.  Every seat in these sections is expected to belong to Season Tickets Holders.  If you purchase game day ticket we will have a very limited supply of tickets in sections 135, 136 and 137.  This means you may not get to sit on the 100 Sections.

      2.  Every seat in the supporters sections at the new stadium is going to Season Ticket Holder seats only.  Reserve your seat now and help Barra Brava acquire as many of the available seats in the new stadium as possible.


     3.  You receive all the benefits of being a Season Ticket Holder and a Barra Brava member.

Q.  Is a payment plan available.

A.  Yes, the same payment plans available for all D.C. United Season Ticket Holders are also available for Barra Brava members.

Q.  Do I get the same benefits as all other Season Ticket Holders. 

A.  Yes.  You not only get the same benefits from the team as all Season Ticket Holders, but you also receive the benefits of being a member of Barra Brava.

Q.  Who will ship my tickets and Season Ticket Holder Gift.

A.  D.C. United, but your Barra jersey will be available for pick up at our tailgates.